Billing FAQ

As announced previously, we are migrating to a new billing system on June 1, 2020. With any change there is the risk for confusion, so it seemed prudent to create a Frequently Asked Questions area in the quest for clarity. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we will get you an answer.

Q: Why are you making this change?

A: Our prior billing system was getting long in the tooth. Features requested by our clients like online, self-service billing were either unreliable or unavailable. Features we desired, like modern reporting and integration with different payment platforms were also lacking.

Q: I’ve set up automatic billing but got a notification about an overdue invoice, what’s happening?

A: Once you set up auto billing, it takes care of all future invoices. If you had 1 or more past invoices in the system, you would need to click on the invoice and pay it. Once all past invoices are paid, auto billing takes care of the rest.

Q: You used to send out late notices on the 21st, but I got one on the 15th and the 25th, is this really you sending them?

A: The new system defaults to reminders on the 15th and 25th day after an invoice is due to automatically send reminders. Late fees are still suspended due to COVID-19. You can stop these reminders by clicking on the invoice and paying it either online or via a check.

Q: I have a credit from the old system but got a new invoice, what happened?

A: We’ve run across our first snag with the new system. Unlike the old billing system, it does not automatically apply credit to invoices. So, we’re combing the system and we believe we’ve caught these instances now. But if you believe you have a service credit and still got an invoice, contact billing (at) and we’ll look into it.

Q: Why is my total charge different in the new billing system? Did you raise rates?

A: No, we did not raise rates. We did however, as required by law, apply sales tax and in some cases, the rates have changed from the prior system where old sales tax rates were never updated. In other cases, our accountants advised us to begin charging sales tax on some services. And in some cases, there are services that we charged for (i.e. paper invoice fee) that no longer apply in the new system, though that would be a reduction in cost rather than an increase.

Q: Will I still receive a paper statement each month?

A: No. All statements will be transmitted via e-mail to your account of record. You are welcome to print the statement locally if you need a paper copy for your records. Also, if you need to update your e-mail address of record, please contact us. Related, the old paper invoice fees are eliminated.

Q: What will the e-mail invoice look like?

A: It will be in an email from Logical Solutions via Freshbooks and look something like this:

Q: I pay via credit card or auto draft from my bank now, will that simply continue?

A: No, the initial invoice will arrive and you will need to click on it and then select a method to pay. We do not keep unencrypted credit card/bank info for your protection. You can click the link to pay each month or you have the option to create a Freshbooks account (free) and store a payment method. These can be automatic or on-demand as you prefer.

Q: I pay via check now, do I need to change anything?

A: No, send checks as you normally do.

Q: Will I get a new customer number?

A: Yes, the old customer numbers will no longer apply. The new system works via name versus number.

Q: I have a credit balance on the old system, what happens to it?

A: All credit balances as of May 31, 2020 will be accounted for with a single journal entry in the new system for the balance at that time. This balance can be applied to subsequent service invoices.

Q: What will charges look like in the new system?

A: The will be labeled as Logical Solutions via WePay.

Q: I have unpaid charges, will those transfer to the new system?

A: Yes, and on May 21 late notices were sent with detail of the charges in arrears. A single invoice for past due balances will be posted in the new system in late May.