DSL Update

November 7, 2018

To our valued Clients:

Despite our best efforts to maintain DSL internet access services, a large incumbent service provider (and effective monopoly again despite their 1984 breakup) has essentially forced us out of that aspect of the business by refusing to allow us to resell their new technology and poorly maintaining and slowly responding to issues with the current technology in use.

We advise you to seek an alternate internet access provider. In Yellow Springs, we recommend Clifton Communications from the small guys (limited radio based service area, you may or may not be able to get service) and if their service is not available, we recommend Spectrum as the best large provider choice.

Regarding email addresses and web services, we will continue to provide these as long as you’d like to keep them. These services are independent of internet access and need not be bundled or related.

In the future, we will install and operate high speed wireless internet access in the downtown Yellow Springs area and would like to have a chance to provide that service to you and thumb our noses at the big guys.

Thank you for your many years of loyal patronage and we hope to be able to make a comeback in the wireless high-speed arena in the near future.

Mike Harding and the Servlet Team