High Speed Wireless

Update: As of 12/1/2020, we will no longer offer high speed wireless in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Why? Two organizations have decided to use public funds to finance “free” wifi. You can’t compete with “free” – which we put in quotes because those funds are not infinite and eventually these organizations will have to charge for services, and probably more than a commercial outfit like us. Quality of services offered over time will be interesting to see too. And while we will not participate in any such activity, we believe that other large, incumbent internet access providers are highly likely to pursue remedies through the court system on this set of actions. We wish the Village government and MVECA luck with that. You may say, “well Servlet sounds salty about this.” and you would be right. We’ve invested our own $ and resources to bring high speed wireless to Yellow Springs only to be torpedoed by local government and a quasi-government organization working outside its educational charter. We are not pleased and we are finished with Internet Access Services in the Village.


After many months of testing and preparation, we are pleased to announce that high speed wireless access is now available in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This is a fixed service (not mobile) that is currently available in the downtown area with more neighborhoods planned as demand dictates.

What can I expect with this service? You can stream movies, play games, engage in social media, browse the web, send/receive e-mails etc. In a typical installation, a large family (with teenagers!) or a small business will have bandwidth to spare when everyone is active at the same time.

What is the technology? Think of it like wifi on steroids, it has a longer reach and higher peak capacity than standard wifi. Read the FAQ for more detail.

Unlimited high speed service starts at $50/month with no metering, no contract or setup fee. Consider this a small town alternative to Spectrum and ATT.

Interested? Let us know. We will do a site survey to let you know what is available at your address.

Also, if you are open to host a base station, special discounted service rates could apply to your situation.