New Billing System June 1, 2020 – Action May Be Required

On June 1, 2020 we will be implementing a new billing system from FreshBooks. The reason for this change is that we’ve run up against limitations in our current billing system that we are no longer able to work around and feel this is the only alternative. Depending upon how you receive invoices and how you currently pay your bills, some action may be required for you including setting up a FreshBooks user account, re-entering credit card/bank information, and/or printing invoices.

Things that will remain the same for all clients:

– Service levels
– Rates for your Services
– Receipts will be emailed
– Payment address and payment company name

Things that will change for all clients:

– From address for billing emails: “Logical Solutions via FreshBooks”
– You will be able to manage your account info, contacts, addresses, phone numbers, emails, payment information directly on the FreshBooks billing system if you choose to do so.
– Your current client number will no longer be meaningful after June 1.
– Paper invoices will no longer be sent via USPS
– If you have an overdue balance as of May 31, there will be a single invoice created to reflect that balance.
– If you have a credit balance as of May 31, there will be a single credit created in the system for the amount as of May 31.

How you will receive invoices starting June 1, 2020:

The FreshBooks billing system will send you an electronic invoice via email to the address of record on your customer account.

If you currently receive a physical invoice in the mail, you will need to open the email invoice and print locally to create a hard-copy invoice.

If you currently receive an email invoice, the format of the invoice will change and the From address will read “Logical Solutions via FreshBooks” with a sending address of If you press reply, it will start an email to

How you can pay invoices starting June 1, 2020:

If you pay via check, you can continue to do as you were sending manual/automatic payments to:

Logical Solutions
PO Box 266
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

If you pay via credit card or bank account, click the “View Invoice” button which will open a browser and direct you to the invoice on the FreshBooks site. You will then have the option of entering credit card/bank information and creating a FreshBooks account to save the information to apply to future invoices.

Email receipts will be transmitted after payment is recorded, as in the current system. However, those receipts will also read “Logical Solutions via FreshBooks” with a sending address of

A final word…

No change is ever smooth or comfortable, so we make this one with some trepidation. But we believe that the benefits that accrue outweigh the risks. If you have an issue, question, or concern, please do feel free to contact us at and we will address it. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all go through this transition.

We will send a few communications about this change over the next few weeks and the latest status can always be seen at

Thank you all for your business and loyalty over the years. We hope that you, your families, and your colleagues are healthy, safe, and sane during this turbulent times.


Mike Harding and The Logical Solutions/Servlet Team