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Servlet's webmail interface manages your email entirely online and can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection. There are tons of features to explore and the basic information below will help get you started.

Webmail Address

To access your webmail, type the following into your browser's address bar: (replace with your website's domain name) and fill out your username and password.

Don't remember your login? Give us a call at 937.767.5000 or send us a note.

Login to Webmail

Enter your email's username and password and click Login.

Sign in to Webmail

Your Inbox and Viewing Messages

Clicking once on a message displays a preview in the box just below your list of emails. Double clicking a message opens the full message. Right click a message to view more options. You can also click and drag messages to different folders such Trash.

Webmail Interface

Webmail Navigation

Webmail Navigation

Message Options

Webmail Message Options

Write New Message

Click on the Write New Message icon (see above) to compose new mail. If you would like to send a reply, select the message and click on the Reply icon. Be sure to fill in the recipient, subject, and body content before clicking Send Now.

Webmail - Write a new message

Hint: Click on the Paperclip icon to add an attachment. You can also click the ABC icon to spell check your message.