Servlet High Speed Wireless
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the service metered by usage? Will I be charged extra for going over a transfer limit?

A: There are no hidden fees, no limits to the service other than the need to adhere to our general acceptable use policy.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No, there is no contractual commitment to service. Sign up and try it, if you like it keep it. If not, let us know and we will stop billing you the moment our equipment is returned. The service is subject to our standard service terms and acceptable usage policies.

Q: Is there a setup fee?

A: No.

Q: What is a site survey?

A: Because this is high-speed wireless and radio waves can be a little tricky, we need to take a look at the service site and try our radio there to see what sort of service we can provide. If we get a good signal, then we can provide service. If not, we will decline until it is possible to get a strong signal in that location.

Q: What does the equipment consist of and do I own it?

A: There are 3 components. A client antenna, about 9″ long, by 3″ wide, by 2″ deep that will need to be mounted outside the service location. There is a wire that will go inside the service location to the third component, a small plug that provides power to the antenna and the port that internet comes out of in the service location. No, you will not own the equipment and it must be returned to us when you are finished using the service.

Q: What is a base station?

A: This is the broadcast point we send the internet from to all client antennas. Due to the unique nature of Yellow Springs and all of our beautiful trees, we cannot reach the entire village with one base station. Presently, there is one base station downtown and others will be added as needed.

Q: Can I host a base station?

A: Maybe. If your location is appropriate for such an installation, we would be happy to install and maintain it. A site survey +++ is required to make this determination.

Q: What sort of performance can I expect?

A: Sufficient bandwidth to stream several Netflix channels at once, play games, check email, and have a Facetime call all at the same time.  Certainly enough to run any business in town and satisfy the hungriest of bandwidth families.

Q: What sort of technology is this?

A: It is wireless, much like wifi, except on steroids to allow for higher bandwidth and longer transmission range.

Q: What happens when it breaks?

A: If the wireless transmission/receive is the issue, we will handle as part of our regular business repairs. If the issue is inside your service location and requires a site visit, you may be charged a $49/service fee. Optionally, you can add to your wireless subscription a repair waiver service for $5/month that includes a free, managed wifi router to be installed at your service location.