YellowSprings.Com is a fully owned subsidiary of Logical Solutions and has been co-located in the Servlet infrastructure.

If you have an issue that you need some assistance resolving, please contact us. The more specific you can be in describing the issue, the better the chance we can help get to a quick and correct resolution.

If you’re having email issues, first please check that your mail works in the webmail interface. Navigate to and enter your mail user name and password, then press login. If you can see your mail in the web interface, then the issue is on your access device (computer, tablet, or phone.)

Proper configuration items include:

Incoming Mail Server:
IMAP Port: 143 or 993
POP Port: 110 or 995
Security: Start/TLS
Outgoing Mail Server:
Port: 587 or 465
Security: Start/TLS

Note: You must use your username and password to authenticate for incoming and outgoing mail – some clients indicate that this is optional, it is not.

If you are having issues, please submit your contact info and problem description in the support form.