• Help!

    Before you submit a ticket, please make sure you’ve read and practiced these tips. We handle requests in the order in which they are received.

    Troubleshooting tips:

    If you are running a Windows system, reboot first and ask questions later. In our experience over 95% of issues with Windows are cured by a reboot.

    If you are having a mail issue, first try to login using web mail (see the Check Mail page for a handy clickable shortcut.) If you are not able to successfully login to email, then you should contact us. If you can, then you have a client configuration issue. Check the settings on the Check Mail page to fix.

    Ready to submit? OK, help us help you. Please be specific. What time/date was the problem, what resources, what users, what was the error message?

      Oh no, we hate that there is a problem. Tell us all about it and we will help get it resolved.