• Policies

    These are the default policies for our collective internet properties including, but not limited to, yellowsprings.com, dayton.net, servlet.com, coax.net, and siscom.net. These policies are in-force unless there is a specific contractual relationship supersedes these policy defaults.

    The following policies are effective December 27th, 2022 and deprecate all previous policies. These policies may be updated from time to time, the latest and in-force versions will always be available in this location.

    Privacy Policy

    We commit to keep client information secure and confidential. The information we collect and store consists of: basic client information, name, contact information, billing information, service information for provisioning, operations, and support, communications over time, and certain logs and backups for bounded time periods.

    Our default answer in sharing client information is “no” to all parties. The only way we will release your information is in response to a valid and vetted legal request. Oh, and by the way, we won’t sell your information ever. If you are subject to GDPR or the California Privacy Act, you can delete your information in our systems by simply sending a message to support (at) servlet dot com referencing your name and customer number.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    Be an adult. That’s the short synopsis of the policy. Specifically, don’t steal online, don’t break into other people’s systems, don’t bully other users online, and don’t use hate speech. If you would be embarrassed to say or do something in real life, don’t do it online using these resources.

    Billing Policy

    Our billing cycle runs on a monthly basis. New invoices are generated at the start of the month and late notices are sent approximately 2/3 of the way through the month. Services are paid in advance for the month. Payments are considered late if not received by the 20th of the month – late charges may be applied at the discretion of management. Payments may be made via check, ACH, or credit card. Payments should be made to Logical Solutions at PO Box 266, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 45387.

    Cancellation Policy

    Unless you have a specific contract with us that instructs otherwise, services may be cancelled by providing 30 days notice in writing including minimally your name, your account number, and the service(s) you’d like to cancel with a preferred cancellation date. The cancellation date will minimally be 30 days from the time we are notified and charges will be in effect for the service(s) during that time period.

    Refund Policy

    We do not provide refunds, we may provide service credit for what we deem sufficient cause. Our billing cycle is monthly and the only period eligible for consideration would be the current billing cycle.

    Support Policy

    We will respond as soon as we can to any support request submitted at our Support Page. Requests are handled in the order in which they arrive. You can help us help you by providing as many specifics about your issue as possible i.e. resource type, time, date, specific error message(s), frequency of occurrence etc.

    Backup Policy

    Unless otherwise specified contractually, our default backup and retention policy is:
    – Nightly snapshot backups (6x at any given time)
    – Weekly snapshot backups (3x at any given time)
    – Monthly snapshot backup (1x at any given time)
    A “snapshot” is a consistent copy of data taken of a service, server, or account at the backup time/date. If a snapshot is restored, it is as though the account, service, or server is taken back to that point in time and anything that transpired since the backup would not be available. Restore services undertaken at the behest of a client are billable services at our standard hourly operations rate.

    Dispute Policy

    Our desire is to have happy and satisfied clients, as a result, we work to resolve disputes proactively and quickly. Should that process fail, we would ask that the dispute be handled through arbitration. Should that process fail, legal remedies may be sought out.

    Intellectual Property Policy

    We ask our clients to respect intellectual property rights of others. In the case of a complaint about infringement concerning a client, we will approach the client and ask that they engage directly with the complaining party. In the case it is demonstrated that the client is infringing upon the rights of another, it will be treated as a breach of the Acceptable Use Policy. In the case the complaint is proven to be invalid, we will continue to provide services consistent with the agreement with the client and will ignore the complaint.

    Domain Dispute Policy

    We will follow the ICANN rules on domain registration, ownership, copyright, etc. Disputes will be handled using the ICANN process and guidelines.

    Consequences of Policy Breach

    First offense results in a warning.

    Second offense results in account suspension for 30 days.

    Third offense results in account termination.